Caistor Hospital, Lincolnshire – 1st March 2008

History: Opened 1802 – 1990 – House of industry to a fully fledged Hospital

Report: Well after me (Chase779) and TheGoose returned home after exploring RAF Binbrook we realised that we still had time to do another quick exploration, we looked through the 28DL forums and found that there was a derelict hospital within a 10minute drive to where we were: Caistor Hospital.

We set off once more, cameras in hand, and found the site with little to no trouble.
We were once very aware that this site had not been well looked after since its closure in 1990. A lot of the walls and roofs of the several buildings had collapsed and graffiti was absolutely everywhere.

We walked around the site a few times, and went in the buildings which seemed relatively interesting. The old church was an area of interest; we found a creepy old hospital chair with red blood like marks stained onto it just sat in the middle of an empty chapel. There was cut hair on the floor and very detailed graffiti inside. All seemed a little too ‘ Stephen King ‘ for my liking.

After about 25-30minutes of looking round, and photographing what we liked we left.
The area is so destroyed not much left to look at in the ways of furniture, old memorabilia etc.


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